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      Huaerda (China) Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd is a reliable company specializing in manufacturing A/C condensers, evaporators and radiators for auto. Its main business scope covers the development, production and marketing of hi-tech automobile air conditioning.


      The company has built considerable strength in scientific and technological plant. The plant, invested capital of RMB 60 million and covers 12,000 square meters, is located in beautiful seaside city--Rui’an Economic Development Area of Zhejiang in China, where enjoys advantage of convenient traffic and superior policies of government.


      Ever since founded, our company has been paying attention to technology and basing on people. Everyone in our company has always been holding the spirit of “high technology and excellent quality for customers” and has been abided by “ISO9001 Quality Control System” and “ISO/TS16949 System”. Our company has been attaching importance to the value of both its products and its people. Because of this, our company is growing  twice speed as former years. Owning not only rich modern craftsmanship, but also perfect testing technique, our company could manufacture products of international criteria. More over, a lot of products of special demands were satisfactory to its customers whoever from domestic or foreign markets.


     Our company  have accomplished very full set of condensers for Chinese Micro-cars and passenger cars of Japanese and Korean. Having constructed main markets in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America, we are dedicated to American, African and Mid-east markets.  We greatly welcome you to our company and get a negotiation, to build long-term cooperative partnership. 


      Our Goal: To Cultivate Excellent Brand and Shape famous Enterprise


      Our Mission: To Create the Most Value for Clients.






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